If ISG members wish to participate in any committee, please contact the committee chair.


Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the committee is to advocate for legislative initiatives that support setting minimum standards for interpreter services in the state of Minnesota.

To achieve this goal, the committee:

  • Serves as representatives of ISG when working with legislators and other stakeholders and provide regular updates to ISG committees.
  • Supports the ISG Registry Committee’s proposal for statewide interpreter registry by working with legislators to ensure the successful passage of this proposal.
  • Monitors and tracks national legislative efforts to standardize and create certification for health care interpreters.
  • Monitors Joint Commission, NCQA and other accrediting body’s efforts to improve the quality of interpreter service and assess its impact on health care interpreters and health organizations in Minnesota.
Chair: Cathleen Urbain
Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is committed to the distribution of information and serving as a conduit between the ISG and community at large including the interpreting community and users of the service. This committee helps communicate the actions of other ISG committees. In the future, the Communication Committee hopes to partner more with other committees to aid them in the execution of their goals.

The Communication Committee creates and distributes the Quarterly Interpreter Newsletter.

Chair: Irina Williams
Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops and oversees strategies for retaining and expanding membership.

Chair: Soon Kang (Acting)
Training Committee

To identify, promote and possibly create training opportunities and/or programs with the aim of professionalizing our field as well as satisfy future legislative requirements.


  • Outreach to all interpreters to inform them of training requirements and opportunities available.
  • Research and verify different training programs.
  • Collaborate on a necessary basis with those from UMTIA, the MN Department of Health and the Department of Health Services.
  • Update current training table.

Click here for list of training programs in Minnesota

Chair: Elizabeth Watkins
Governance Committee

The Governance Committee ensures effective board structures, roles, and processes, including board orientation and training, board evaluation, recommend candidates for election, and committee development.

Chair: TBD